Friday, March 6, 2009

A moment of gratitude...

I've been up's now almost 12:30am and I like to be in bed by around 10. But taxes are due shortly, and I had bills to pay.....sigh....

This kind of paperwork often leaves me feeling edgy and crabby. Lately I feel like I'm trying to spread too little much to far. Taxes scare me. Since I was behind on our paperwork all year, I only vaguely knew where we were at, and I tried to throw some money at estimated payments (since we're both self-employed) when I could, which wasn't a lot.

I think we'll be okay there...if we owe, it shouldn't be too bad, if not, so much the better.

The bills, for the moment, are all paid, and there's a bit left till next week. Winter's winding down, our heating bills will be too. It feels like a bit of a treadmill right now, but at least I'm able to stay on. That one phrase...the bills are all paid, is for me, at this moment in time, with the state of the country and world, something to be deeply grateful for. And I am.

Sweet dreams!

P.S. When I just glanced at my page to check for errors, I noted that the current temp is 39 degrees...AT NIGHT! And, then I had to log onto and it's now going to be in the 50s for the next few days, instead of 40s, so I'm dancing in my seat grateful for that!