Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Our new home is coming together very slowly. Partly, because we've all been sick for the past few weeks, Helena and I during and after the move and Patrick just after. I'm not sure what we have, it's mostly cold/ fever or other flu symptoms, but it hangs on like an $&%!. I haven't felt this consistently tired and run down in I don't know when....

Anyway, as I was saying, in part because of our illness, and in part because I have been, frankly, appalled by the volume of stuff we have, it's taking some time to settle in. And it's only been about 10 days, so I guess I need not expect too much at this point.

Patrick looked at me the other day and said that it feels like we have already unpacked everything we need, so what is all this other stuff still in boxes? This, coming from my darling pack rat, was unexpected, and also echoed my own thoughts.

So with that in mind, I've decided to make this an intentionally slow settling process. This time around, and, blessedly!, with the support of my spouse, I want to really consider the things which occupy our space and how and if they really work. And then let a lot of them go.

To add some interest to this, the previous owner of our home left (with our consent) some things behind for us. This list ranges from some cleaning and canning supplies to furniture, to this gorgeous, vintage, just tuned up (can you tell I'm just itching to use it?) sewing machine.

Many of the things that were left here have already left to go on to new homes. But it has been interesting to live with the items that lived, at least for awhile, in this new home of ours before it was ours.

Today I find myself rather frazzled, unfocused, unsure of where to start with the unpacking and sorting process. We hit the kitchen and bathroom first, since these are utterly essential, and these two rooms are shaping up nicely. Bedrooms, beds at least, needed to be accessible, and this too is working. Logic seems to dictate that I focus on the office and living room next, but the spare room is calling me...

The "spare room" which has a guest bed, but will also be my sewing room, I think, is going to top the list. I think I will feel so much better about wading through all the rest of the stuff if I can just do some creating here and there.

So I think I'll work at this with the "pay yourself first" philosophy. I'll let you know how it goes.

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