Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Follow Up to the Skirt Post

After my last post, I emailed Patrick's aunt Linda, to show her the skirt photos, as I thought she had probably seen the original dress. She had, and sent me this photo, which was taken on Jim and Linda's wedding day, with Patrick's maternal grandparents, parents, and siblings in attendance. And, or course, Patrick himself in the form of a 6 month belly bump.

I love wearing this piece of history...and have gotten some lovely compliments on the skirt.


Lori ann said...

this is really special, i love it too. how great you even have a family photo, thanks for sharing this Diana.

subtorp77 said...

Hi Diana! Going through a few dozen old photos, I got week last. Very special to have a part of your past handed down( or recovered ). Happy week-end!