Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh, the indignity...

of being a cat in our family!

Our two feline family members, Sauntee (15 years young) and Luna (5 months) have made, I think, a few brief appearances on my blog. When I was scrolling through some photos, I decided they warranted a special post, so, without further ado, a peak at the lives of cats in a household with a 4 year old.....

You get to play horsey and carry around fair damsels in distress!

The Hats are divine!

Wardrobe options are simply endless, and you have your own personal dresser,
just a like a movie star!

There's lots and lots of love...

.....and snuggling to go around!


Nicole said...

oh the right.
do you know that my mom and dad have pictures of me dressing our cats and wheeling them around in a play stroller....a constant for all ages. Thurston hasn't figured out to try to put clothes on the boys yet....i am just waiting.
sweet post!

Lori ann said...

How cute this is! everyone looks very well loved!
♥ lori

Auntie, aka Dog Girl said...

Hi Girl,
Oh those poor kitty cats! :D
The last photo reminded me of my very first cat "Ashley". She used to sleep on top of my head, too!
Thanks for sharing.

Anil P said...

And why would they want to return to cat-dom when they can be kings in the kingdom of humans :-)

It takes the innocence of a child to bring a perspective beyond the obvious.