Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Front of our House
Hickory Trees in Front of our House

Backyard with our honeysuckle covered in snow

Wider view of the Backyard

Here are some photos of our house, frontyard, and backyard after the first snow fall. Winter came early to the Finger Lakes this year, and it's been mostly in the 30s for the last couple of weeks. This was wet, sticky snow, which is usually the prettiest as it coats everything. Patrick mentioned to me that he never knew until moving here (nor did I) that there were so many kinds of snow.

It's up to 40 today, so I'm excited to get outside and play in the yard and maybe rake some of our colossal leaf pile onto the garden for mulch.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Those are some gorgeous photos.
Snow is definately captivating.
I could live in snow for maybe 2 years. Just enough time to figure out how to live in it, and then not want the cold.